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Cama Beach State Park
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October 17th-19th, 2008

The Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club (SCARC), in a Joint Venture Operation with the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Operators North Society (BEARONS), will commemorate the first new Washington State Park opening in over 10 years, by operating Special Event Station K7P ( Kilowatt Seven Park). Event Operations will be split during the three days between stations operated by both the SCARC and BEARONS. It is anticipated that we will have a special QSL card produced for this event. Planned hours of operation are:

Oct 17 1900Z-2400Z
Oct 18 1600Z-2400Z
Oct 19 1600Z-2400Z

Freq: SSB 14.265, 7.250 + or - 5 khz. QSL direct to KN7T. Please include #10 SASE for special event card. See either the BEARONS or the SCARC web sites for additional information.

The Grand Opening of the new Cama Beach State Park, located on the southwest side of Camano Island, was celebrated the weekend of June 21, 2008, "The First Day of Summer". It excitingly follows a legislative decision in 1998 to cut State expenses by closing 42 Washington State Parks. Several of our own Club members (along with other members of our community) have spent the past several years using their skills to work on and ready the Park for its Grand Opening.

Cama Beach State Park is completely booked through Labor Day and every weekend into October 2008. In fact, Washington State Park Reservations are booking reservations two years in advance. For more information or Park Reservations call 360-387-1550.

Here is what Cama Beach Resort looked like many years ago...
Aerial View The Original Boathouse .. looking West, Whidbey Island in the distance. A closer look at cabins with people enjoying the beach...

Watch for the K7P QST Announcement in the upcoming October 2008 QST Magazine, under the Department of Special Events, or go to the ARRL Website, to view the K7P Announcment.

Check this page for future updates and details as they become known.

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