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Field Day 2013
June 22, 23

Traditionally, Field Day is held the last full weekend of June, and sponsored by the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League). This year the event will be held on the weekend of June 22-23rd. Including over 3,000 entries, Field Day is the most participated Amateur Radio "On the Air" activity in North America. For ARRL affiliated clubs, Field Day is a great opportunity to introduce new people to Amateur Radio and bring Club and Community Members together.

Like many Amateur Radio activities, there are various ways to operate Field Day. Some Clubs treat Field Day like an emergency preparedness drill, working off grid, using solar and battery power. Others attempt to work as many stations as possible collecting points in a contest-like atmosphere. Yet others make Field Day a social event.

Then there are clubs, like the Stanwood-Camano Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) that include all the above and then some. The emergency preparedness aspect is covered, with installation and fabrication of various antennas, working off the grid, experimenting with Solar Panels for charging batteries and operating radio equipment. Always with the objective to learn and enjoy and have lots of radio fun.

SCARC is an open Club, meaning that you do not have to be a member or a HAM to participate; anyone can come out and play. If you have an interest in Radio Communications, you won't want to miss this yearly Event. This year's location was at the Stanwood Fair Grounds located East of downtown Stanwood.

The Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Special Service Club, one of only three in the State of Washington. And as a Special Service Club, SCARC offers training, testing, license preparation, weekly nets, swapmeets and many other activities. Check out the SCARC website and come and join us.

The public, especially youth groups, were invited to visit and experience first-hand, the thrill of Amateur Radio!

Operating results: TBA

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