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How to Update entries in Your QRZ Logbook

If you use the web site, you may be aware QRZ offers a logbook and numerous awards such as Worked All Continents, US Counties, Worked All States and more. These can be seen when you open your QRZ Logbook and click on "Awards".

If you choose to apply for one of these and you click on the desired award, the web site runs a check of the contacts you have downloaded into the QRZ logbook to determine your eligibility. Almost certainly, there will be some QSOs which the site says are ineligible. This is because some element in the log record does not match the log record of the station you worked. To see which contacts are ineligible click on the "Details" link. This will produce a list of QSOs where a field in your log does not match the corresponding field in the other station's log (such as the grid square if you are appling for the Grid Square award). You cannot change his/her log: You can only edit your log to match.

So how do you do that? First, determine what the correct value is. If your log has the wrong value, you can edit it with these instructions. If the error is in his/her log, your only option is to ask them to correct their logbook. You can send a link to this page to help them with the process.

Here is the unofficial process that I have found works very well and is very easy for editing your logbook. In fact it takes less time to correct errors or omissions in the log than it does to read the explanation! Here is how it is done, step by step.

Login to your account.
- Move your cursor to your callsign on the far right of the page. A list of options should appear, one of which is "My Logbook". Click on it.
- With the QRZ Logbook open, do a search for the QSO record you wish to update.
- Double-Click on the QSO record to opens the QSO summary page.
- You should see the other station's call sign and location info on the left and your call sign and location on the right. Remember this information is in your log, not the other station's log.
- Find the "Edit" label next to "Actions" on a line above the other station's callsign and click on "Edit".
- You should now have a Detail Page with a "QSO Info", "Receiver Info", "Sender Info" and "QSL Info" tabs at the top. "Receiver" is the other station's info loaded into your log. "Sender Info" is your station info recorded in your log.

If you need to update the "GRID SQUARE":
- Select either "Sender info" or "Receiver Info" as appropriate to get to the "Edit" page
- You should see the Grid field showing something. Change this to the correct value. Minimum is four (4) characters: two letters and two numbers.
- Be sure to click on the "Save Record" button at the bottom of the page!

If you need to update the "COUNTY" (and you are on the Edit page):
- Click on the "Set" button next to the county field.
- A new window will open on the left.
- Type the first four or five letters of the county you want
- Click on "search".
- Find your county on the list.
- When you click on it, it will update your detail page.
- Be sure the state is also correct (both for county and in the state field above).
- Remember to hit the "Save Record" button at the bottom of the page.

The process above changes only the one QSO record you selected. I know this sounds like a lot but it only takes a minute to do.

Note: occasionally I have found a situation where the summary displays no grid square or county but when I get down to the detail page, there it is! Sometimes the county on the summary is different than the county on the detail page. I have reported this to the QRZ help desk but to my knowledge they have not fixed it. The Solution is to re-enter the information and click on the Save button. Double check the summary page to make sure the change was applied.

If your QRZ log is storing the wrong info for your location, you can to update your Logbook Profile. Again, an easy process.
- Open your logbook
- Click on "Settings" in the upper right corner of the page.
- Click on "Logbook Properties" tab in upper right corner.
- Scroll down the page to find fields for location. If you enter a grid square it will compute latitude and longitude. Note: if you operate remotely, the location should be where your transmitter is.
- Be sure to click the "Save" button.
These changes will be used in your QRZ logbook for all future QSOs. It does not change your QRZ detail page and it does not change past QSOs.

Many logging programs automatically down load QRZ location when the other station enters the contact. This info comes from your QRZ Detail page. To Edit the Detail page:
- Put cursor over your callsign in upper right corner, then click on "Edit [your callsign]"
- find "Map, Grid Square and coordinate settings" on the list and click
- adjust as needed
- Save!

Address information for US hams comes from the FCC and cannot be changed by the user in QRZ. However, I believe it can be updated via the FCC website using your FRN.

That being said, if you often operate from a temporary location, you can create a separate QRZ page with info for that alternate location. The new page would use your portable callsign which would allow the correct info for that location to download to the other station's log automatically.

Feel free to send comments about this page to Lee K7IOC.

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